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When I start to create paintings, the brutalist architectural wall is the most important element. I am particularly fond of walls of modern buildings when it is raining. The water drips down along the surfaces, leaving traces that gradually stain, forming shapes and lines over long periods of time. The concrete material is that symbol of the underclass. Soulless, gray, crumbling concrete structures.


I think many things are imperfect. Nothing that exists is without imperfections. When we look really closely at things, we see the flaws. As things begin to break down and approach the primordial state, they become even less perfect, more irregular. I am intoxicated with crumbles, stains, decay, crack, and imperfection. That is why I choose concrete or cement material.  For me, my works represent a values harmony, unbeauty, and imperfection, and can strengthen my resilience in the face of anxiety.


Because acceptance of the inevitable blare out extremal anxious if my hearing being deteriorated so I need to create my works to face anxiously. My works do not look beautiful but are imperfect. They let me feel peace.

Chun-Chieh Chang

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